The March Birthstone

The modern and traditional birthstone for March is the Aquamarine. An alternative March birthstone is the Bloodstone.

The Aquamarine - the March Birthstone

The colour of Aquamarine ranges from sea green to the more sought after and admired sky blue. Its name which literally means sea water is derived from the Latin words for water “aqua” and sea “mare” and the Romans named it thus because of its resemblance to the colour of the Mediterranean Sea.

Aquamarine - The mineral Beryl

Like the Emerald (the birthstone for May) the Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family of minerals. Pure Beryl is colourless and it is the presence of small amounts of iron (FE) ions that gives the Aquamarine its distinctive blue colour.

Aquamarine has a hexagonal crystal structure and is especially admired for being almost entirely free of inclusions (flaws) and having a much more even colour than Emeralds.

Aquamarines are a tough hardwearing gem which resist scratching and have a wonderful shine. Its versatility coupled with outstanding beauty make the Aquamarine one of the favorite gems of Jewellers, Designers and owners across the Globe.

Image of the mineral Beryl
Image of the March Birthstone, the Aquamarine

History of Aquamarine

Aquamarines - Grading and Origin

Like all other coloured gemstones Aquamarines are graded by the "Four C's": Colour, Cut, Clarity and Crystal (Crystal in this case meaning transparency).

The largest deposits of Aquamarine are found in Brazil They are also found in various other countries including Australia, India, Pakistan, China, the United States, Nigeria, Zambia and Mozambique.

The colour of Aquamarines can vary from sea green to an intense sky blue.

The most prized intense blue Aquamarines are found in the Santa Maria de Itabira mine in Brazil and are known as “Santa Maria” Aquamarines. Excellent quality Aquamarines also originate from Mozambique in Africa and are given the name “Santa Maria Africana”.

The largest ever Aquamarine, weighing 243 pounds, was found in Brazil in 1910, It was cut into a number of smaller stones, which gave a combined total of over 200,000 carats.

Myths and Legends of the March Birthstone, the Aquamarine.

Ancient Romans believed that the Aquamarine originated in the fabulous treasure chests of mermaids and was sacred to their god of water and the sea, Neptune, and it was worn by sailors to protect them from the dangers at sea.

Throughout the ages many properties have been associated with the wearing of Aquamarine including serenity, peace, cleansing, soothing, faithfulness, friendship and courage. Long ago it was believed that if an Aquamarine was immersed in water that it would cure a number of illnesses of the mouth, throat, liver, stomach and heart. Old traditions even promise a happy marriage with joy and wealth.

During the Middle Ages the Aquamarines was thought to have mystical properties and were often cut into Crystal Balls to be used for fortune telling.
In addition to being the birthstone for March the Aquamarine is also one of the birthstones for the Zodiac sign Pisces and traditionally given as an 18th Wedding Anniversary gift.

History of the March Birthstone

The Aquamarine is steeped in history, myth and legend throughout the ages. The Ancient Romans believed that the Aquamarine was sacred to their god of the sea, Neptune. More

Jewellery and Gifts

Aquamarine makes a lovely gift for a birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion or any time when you want to show you care. More


The month of March

In Ancient Rome March was the first month of the year and named Martius after Mars the god of war. In the modern calendar March is the third month of the year. More

Month Birthflower

The March birthflower is Daffodil. The Daffodils appearance each year is one of the first signs of Spring therefore it represents rebirth. More

Aquamarine - 10 facts

1 The aquamarine is the blue member of the Beryl family of minerals. Beryl is a six sided symmetrical crystal. More

Birthstones, gems and precious stones

Generations of peoples from across the globe have revered precious stones not only for their obvious beauty but as symbols of power, good luck and mystery. Precious stones have high value and are compact and can be easily concealed and transported. More

Jewellery and Gifts

The Aquamarine is the birthstone for March which makes it a perfect gift for your loved one on a birthday, anniversary or just to show that you care. There is a wide range of Aquamarine jewellery available including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants.

A small selection of March Birthstone jewellery follows: -

March Birthstone Rings

0.725ct Aquamarine gemstone, 9ct Yellow Gold Ring   Five Stone Aquamarine,
9ct Yellow Gold Ring
  Aquamarine & Diamond,
9ct Yellow Gold Ring
  1.4ct Aquamarine gemstone, 9ct Yellow Gold Ring
0.725ct, 8mm x 6mm, pear cut Aquamarine gemstone set in a 9ct yellow gold ring. More   9ct polish finished yellow gold five stone ring with detail on the shoulders set with five round 0.12ct Aquamarine gemstones in a claw setting. More   Beautiful 9ct polish finished yellow gold ring featuring an 0.45ct 6mm x 4mm octagon cut Aquamarine gemstone in four claw setting accented with six 1.6mm round cut 0.018ct diamonds. More   The beautiful ocean blue oval cut 1.4ct Aquamarine is claw set in a lovely 9ct yellow gold. More

March Birthstone Earrings

Pear Cut Aquamarine gemstone 9ct Yellow Gold Stud Earrings   9ct White Gold Aquamarine Classic Oval Stud Earrings   Aquamarine Single Gemstone 9ct Yellow Gold Stud Earrings   Oval Cut Aquamarine Gemstone 9ct Yellow Gold Stud Earrings
Each of these classic 9ct yellow gold stud earring features a 0.299ct transparent pastel blue colour pear cut Aquamarine gemstone in a claw setting. More   Each stud earring features a classic transparent pastel blue colour oval cut 0.351ct Aquamarine gem in a claw setting set in polished 9ct white gold. More   Each of these beautiful earrings features a large pear shaped light blue 0.299 Aquamarine wrapped down one side in 9ct yellow gold. More   Each earring features a large oval cut 0.603ct Aquamarine central gemstone framed in 9ct yellow gold. More

March Birthstone Pendants

0.999ct Aquamarine gemstone,
9ct Yellow Gold Oval Pendant
  Aquamarine & Diamond Cluster Design, 9ct White Gold Pendant   1.8ct Aquamarine,
9ct Yellow Gold Pendant
  1.1ct Oval Cut Aquamarine,
9ct Yellow Gold Pendant

A fantastic 0.999ct oval cut light blue Aquamarine gemstone framed with 9ct yellow gold, a simple yet elegant pendant. More

  Cluster design pendant crafted from 9ct white gold. A light blue 0.351ct Aquamarine gemstone takes the centrepiece within a ring of twelve single cut white diamonds that surround the stone. More   A lovely pendant featuring a sky blue 1.8ct Aquamarine gemstone centrepiece framed in 9ct yellow gold. More   Beautiful single stone design pendant featuring an oval shape special cut 1.1ct Aquamarine, framed in 9ct yellow gold. More


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